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    What Dallas-Fort Worth Fire Damage Restoration Contractors Do

    Infernos can be quite devastating. Not only do they destroy your house, but also your state of mind. When this happens, you must take action. Part of this involves calling in Dallas-Fort Worth fire damage restoration contractors. When relying on our expertise, here are the general steps that we take during rebuilding.

    We assess the condition of the house as part of our fire damage restoration service. We check the internal and external structures to assess smoke intrusion. It also means figuring out how much repair will be necessary and how extensive the cleanup will be.

    Then we write a report on the full extent of the destruction caused. This gives a realistic view of what has happened. This lets you know what should happen next. Then we secure the property. This can involve boarding up the windows and walls. We also seal off any part of the roof that was destroyed. This protects whatever is inside the building.

    Then we plan for debris removal.

    Then we ask you to keep in touch with your insurance company and file a claim. Check your paperwork and coverage. Send them a copy of the smoke destruction report we provide.

    Once the claim is approved, we start working on the building. This involves water removal and drying out. This prevents mold from developing. We complete the drying process using our commercial equipment to dry the structure.

    Then we clean up smoke and soot from all affected surfaces. This is done manually and can be extensive. Any smoke odors will be removed using deodorizing agents. All house contents are also cleaned and restored to their previous condition.

    Then construction by the fire damage repair contractors follows to fix back the property to its previous condition. This involves both major and minor repairs. Removal and replacement of some parts have to be done. This includes roof replacement, drywall painting, replacing flooring, and other things.

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