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    Our Process For Flood And Water Damage Repair In Weatherford TX

    An overflow can destroy the interior of your house or building. It can also cause health challenges to your family or workers. When you call us, we will begin the restoration process. Here are the steps we take during flood and water damage repair in Weatherford TX.

    Conduct an Assessment

    Once you contact us, a representative will ask you questions. This will help us know what to expect when we come on-site. Our team will then come over to your place for a physical evaluation.

    A thorough inspection is necessary to assess the destruction level that has occurred. We check the source of the inflow, how contaminated the liquid was and which areas were affected. After this assessment, we can devise a plan on how to deal with the problem.

    Removal and extraction

    The next step is to dry the area. We use specialized equipment for this, like big pumps and vacuums. Using machines makes things go quicker. We do this quickly to prevent mold from forming since this can take place as fast as within 24 hours. But if mold has already grown, we will call in our mold remediation contractor to deal with the issue.


    Our water damage restoration company will then clean and sanitize the area. This includes any furniture, clothing, electronic devices, clothes and everything else. This helps to get rid of any smell. It is a must to disinfect the area as it can easily get contaminated within a day of getting swamped.

    Restoration and rebuilding

    The next step is to get started on rebuilding and restoring the area. We replace/reinstate any property that was destroyed. We try to get it back to the state it was in before the disaster.

    No matter how bad the situation is, our team of professionals can help. Our specialists are equipped to do the job well.

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