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    Life Gets Easier When You Hire The Right Fire Damage Restoration Contractor In Weatherford TX

    Nothing is as devastating as having your home ravaged by fire. Until the fire chief grants clearance, you can’t even enter your property to assess the damage and search for salvageable items. Worse still, the longer that you wait to start addressing the problem, the more of the treasured belongings that you’re likely to use. Fortunately, you can expedite the return to normalcy by hiring the right fire damage restoration contractor in Weatherford TX. At Premier Restoration and Construction, we have extensive experience in setting things right.

    To start, we offer an expansive range of services so that our clients can find more of what they need in-house. Our team can remove all standing water and severely damaged items. We have the training and personal professional equipment that’s necessary for entering buildings that are still rife with smoke odors, soot, and other dangerous contaminants.

    If there are items that can be salvaged within the affected area, we’ll bring them out of the building. We’ll practice diligent ash containment every step of the way so that this destructive coating isn’t entering areas of the home that weren’t exposed to fire, heavy smoke, or water. Our work includes the use of dryers, air movers, and fans, as well as special cleaning tools for capturing and removing all fine particulates that are floating in the indoor air.

    We leverage strategies for mold mitigation and mold prevention as well. After all, it only takes 48 hours after flood events for mold spores to perform. The water that was used to fight fire in your home may be creating the ideal breeding grounds for mold and many other harmful pathogens. We use sanitization and deodorization techniques that make the interiors of buildings look and smell brand new. With a comprehensive fire damage repair service like this, you can rest assured that your home will be just as safe as it was before your fire broke out.

    We also offer drywall and baseboard repair services, flooring repairs, and even rough framing repairs. As top-rated fire damage contractors, our diverse set of skills simplifies clean-up, makes dealing with insurance companies easier, and limits the amount of time that it takes for you to get back home. Call us today to get started.