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    Reclaim Your Life With A Top Fire Damage Restoration Contractor In Dallas-Fort Worth TX

    Experiencing a fire in your can completely take away your sense of normalcy. After the fire chief has cleared the building for entry, it can be tempting to rush right in and start putting things back in order. However, there’s a right way to do this. With the help of Premier Restoration and Construction, you can protect your indoor air quality (IAQ) and your family’s health. You can also restore the value and marketability of your investment. Read on to find out how a top fire damage restoration contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth TX can help you reclaim your life.

    For one thing, smoke odors can be just as harmful to human health as smoke itself. It’s actually possible to die by fire exposure even though you’re never actually subjected to the flames and heat. Excess smoke odor can irritate the airways, fill the lungs, and exacerbate chronic conditions such as COPD, asthma, and allergies. Before you head back inside, contact us to make sure your home is odor-free.

    Fire damage brings water damage. Firefighters aren’t careful when they put fires out. Although you’re glad for the work they’ve done, you’ve probably got a lot of water damage clean-up to do. We can handle that as well. We use water extraction equipment, air movers, blowers, heaters, fans, and more. With these tools, we make sure that our clients aren’t dealing with mold mitigation companies within just several days or weeks.

    Ash is another major problem. It is all but impossible to wipe up with normal cleaning techniques. Moreover, it’s also both toxic and highly acidic. If it’s not cleared away properly and in a timely fashion, it will eat through your fine furnishings and artwork. With trusted Dallas fire damage contractors working as your partners, you can make sure that additional property damage and property loss doesn’t ensue.

    We also replace damaged building features, rebuild burnt framing and other structures, and cart off all unsalvageable waste. As a fire damage repair service DFW locals can trust, we offer a coordinated post-fire clean-up service that alleviates stress, expedites results, and ultimately makes everything much easier. Call us now to find out more!

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